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 August 2015 08/18/2015   
Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.
Business Card Design of the Month : August
Company Name : The Night Owl
Designer Name : Renée Hunter
Order Details : Heavy Nouveau+ Raised ink
Q : Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do:
A : I am a graphic designer who enjoys creating things that make people happy. I currently own my own business called The Night Owl. It is an educational based business that offers fun and cute products for teachers and their classrooms!
Q : What types of products/ services do you offer?
A: My products range from coffee mugs to poster prints to tee shirts. I try to create a variety of items so that way there is something for everyone, no matter what kind of teacher you are. The planning stage of new products is always fun. Even though most of the time it never ends up the way I started it!
Q : How long have you been a professional graphic designer?
A: I have been a professional designer for the past 4 years. After working on many different design projects in various industries I decided I wanted to create something unique that I could call my own. That was how The Night Owl came to life.
Q : Your company is almost exclusively focused around teachers and designing teaching materials that promote learning in the classroom in a fun, creative way. Do you have a background in teaching or does your focus around teaching materials derive from a general passion for cultivating creativity at a young age?
A: Although I do not have a background in teaching, I have many amazing teachers in my family. One of whom is my mom. She is so passionate about creating an inspiring learning environment for her kids each and everyday at school. She is the one who inspired me to start my company. I wanted to create a brand that would celebrate teachers and let them know they are appreciated!
Q : Of all the different products and services you offer and design, which project has been/is your favorite?
A: Hands down my favorite product that I have to offer would be my mustache tee shirt. The teachers love the playfulness of it and enjoy the soft feel of it as well. I took my time in creating and finding the perfect style tee to use. I am so happy with the end result!
Q : We love how you designed your business card to have dark,bold elements paired with soft, playful colors. How did you come up with this design and what led you to add raised ink as finishing option?
A: For the most part this describes how I design. I love taking bold elements and giving them playful elements. I wanted to make something that would hold someone’s attention for a few extra seconds. I think the playfulness of the pattern and colors does that perfectly! After finishing the design I wanted to give it a little extra pop and found that the raised ink would do that the best. It really helped separate the text from the pattern to create a more textural element.
Q : Online companies sometimes struggle to determine which information to include on their business cards, which can quickly lead to an overshare of information. How did you pick the information to use on your business card as best way to connect with your clients?
A: I think defining who your clients/audience are will help you know what information to put on your cards. Since my company is online based there isn’t really a reason for me to have my phone number and address on there. The web address and email would rank most important to me and then social media handles. I am a HUGE fan of keeping it simple. Think of what information is important for your clients/customers to have and limit yourself to what makes it on the card.
Q : As we’ve discussed on our blog, online companies – no matter how big or small – should have business cards to network and command a stronger presence to their audience. Do you have any firsthand experience where your business card proved its worth?
A: The majority of my customers are active on social media and I use my business cards to help connect with them through these platforms. I place a few cards in each order and on my cards I have how they can find me on Instagram. Not only do they find me, but they tag me in the products that they have purchased from my shop. This then has a ripple effect because others who are following them become interested in my products, and as a result make a purchase immediately after seeing their post. My business cards help make this big wide world a little bit smaller and personable.
Q : How did you find MorningPrint and what made you choose our company over other printing companies out available to you?
A: I found MorningPrint through a web search and was sold the moment I saw how many options were available to me. Most of the time you have to go to a print shop to have these type of paper stocks and finishings available. Once I received my first order I was so thrilled to see that the quality had surpassed my expectations!
Q : What has been your experience using MorningPrint? Did have any difficulties with the site or find anything to be inefficient?
A: I have used MorningPrint for many different projects. Everything from invitations to hangtags. One of the biggest reasons I will continue to use MorningPrint is because of the wide variety of options that they offer. There are so many different finishes and paper stocks to choose from. The site is super easy to navigate and anytime I have a question someone is there to help!
Q : Do you have any tips for our clients who are considering using MorningPrint to print their business cards?
A: Don’t be afraid to try something new. Go ahead and try that foil finish you’ve been thinking about, or have your logo embossed on the front! These finishes are the perfect way to make your business cards pop and make an impression.
Q : Any plans for your next project with MorningPrint?
A: I’m sure I will be back with a new business card design soon! My cards go fast and I love to switch the designs up to keep my brand feeling fresh!

global express shippinh serving to more than 200 cuuntries at lowest proces.
global express shippinh serving to more than 200 cuuntries at lowest proces.
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